Here are just a few samples of the projects you can make when Art À La Carte with Bella comes to YOUR New Orleans event...


"What makes Bella such a great instructor is that her passion for art and people really shine through. She facilitates the creation of beautiful art, art that is unique and individual to each artist. She does this by creating an atmosphere promoting self-expression, laughter and having fun!"

- Susie M., Parent


"Art À La Carte with Bella was great! Everyone left with their own unique piece and she made it super fun!"

- Kyla P.


"Ms. Bella's art project was very unique. We learned how wool comes from different animals and can be used in different ways. We love the vase art project. I can put mine in my room with flowers. Thank you."

- Ashley & Alice S..

"I did Art À La Carte with Bella in a small group and had such a great experience that I hired her for my own private party!"

- Lisa P.


"This was a FUN PROJECT to do. It was interesting to  learn about llamas and sheep."

- Diego R.

"So much fun! Great idea for a girls night! We love Bella! : ) "

- Lizette.

"I really liked Ms. Bella's art project . I found this project unique and cool."

- L. K..

"Wow, that was an awesome time! I ususally feel like I'm not a great artist, but Bella made it easy and I love how my art turned out! Anyone can do this!!!"

- Anonymous

À La Carte Projects

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Anyone can play and be creative! Yes, I mean ANYONE, and these are projects you can make with me at Art À La Carte with Bella parties.

You don’t need to know how to paint or draw and…you won’t be trying to make the exact, same object or painting as me or anyone else for that matter.  So, no worries—there’s no better or worse, right or wrong. Just play, have fun and let go to create one of these cool projects.


Yes, you can create a one-of-a-kind fabric canvas mosaic to hang on your wall  in whatever color, pattern and style you like. Let the juices flow while looking through Bella’s vast stash of vibrant fabrics to make your special art pop.

Wool Vases

Use hand-spun and dyed wool from Vermont sheep and alpaca farmers to create one-of-a-kind practical and unusual vases.  Wait until you see how many awesome fibers you get to play with! Match the vase color to the flowers you’ll buy when you leave with this special vessel.


Check out Lisa’s smile as she holds her new fiber creation! After her first À La Carte event, she wanted to book a party for a reunion so that friends could take home a memento to remind them of their special time together.



Make these canvas wall hanging tapestries using a wide variety of cool paint colors and lots of designs to choose from. Top it off by adding a unique touch of fiber and voila—a beautiful wall hanging!


Imagine how you will feel when friends and family love a silk scarf or pillow you create by Batik, an ancient arts and craft technique that applies wax and paint. Create these rewarding and beautifully original and functional pieces that you can be proud of.

The pillow creates original charm on Bella’s couch!

Handmade Cards

Learn how to create your own original cards so that you can take home a special creation to write a note, invitation, birthday or holiday card. It’s always nice to receive something personally created in the mail.

"For many  years I have spent weeks with Bella making our own creations—she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Her creativity is amazing and spreads through the people she is with. She is funny and kind and one of the best people you will work with. Her artwork expresses her spunky, fun, enthusiastic personality. I highly recommend taking this class—you will benefit from it greatly!"

- Ame L.

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