The story behind Art À La Carte with Bella...

I’m terrible remembering birthdays and special events. I just am. No matter how hard I try, creating wall calendars with special dates of people I love, I still don’t hit the mark to send them a gift or card in time. I really, really wanted my friends' kids to know me well, despite my being absent-minded about their birthdays. I wanted us to share experiences and create memories.

So, with two amazing young girls, Amelie and Galen (daughters of our dear friends in Burlington, Vermont), hatched a Girlie Gift Making weekend in December, just in time for Christmas shopping. They arrived with lots of sass and laughter to a weekend creating Christmas gifts for their family members. We had such a blast that we made it an annual event!

Now the girls are driving (OMG!) and I’ve moved to New Orleans, so we’ll have to do a different warm weather Art À La Carte with Bella. In NOLA, we won’t have to contend with an ice storm like the one that created havoc one year for us, BUT it allowed them to stay an extra day which was a total bonus. Oh, and there was a blizzard another year which dumped so much snow we didn’t leave the house for over a day.

So, there you have it. A seed was planted. The connection, tradition and fun we had together being creative in a non-pressured way led to my dream of creating a business where I could help others have a similar experience. What better way to spend some time together in the warmth of your home with little to do but move your hands, let go and play like a kid and see what you make and take away? I’m sure you’ll have more to carry out the door than just a vase or a mosaic—you’ll have the memory of being with others you know or may hope to know more.

I hope you’ll allow me into your home to do an Art À La Carte with Bella project so I can share the magic of the special connections I had.

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